Perch CMS

Sometimes, a little goes a long way.

Content management system (CMS) are relatively complex and time consuming to install. Sometimes it makes sense to have a stripped down version of a CMS, which is easy to install, configure and most importantly easy to use when updating site content.

This was a constant problem that we faced when developing smaller sites. Fortunately, we found a great solution in the form of ‘Perch’.

Perch is a small, lightweight and extremely flexible CMS. It’s perfect for when our clients need to edit content without the hassle that comes with setting up a big CMS.

Don’t let the ‘small’ fool you though. Perch is very powerful and can provide a great deal of functionality for any size of website. The simplicity of installing and configuring means we can provide a CMS system at a very cost effective price.

If you are interested in having a website developed using Perch, then just get in touch. Here is a selection of websites that we have developed using Perch:

- Arctic Encounters
- Bliss Space
- Powell’s Yard
- Indigo Rye
- Cream Design

If you’re interested in finding out more about our favourite little CMS or want to purchase your own licence, then why not stop by the Perch website.

We love Perch

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Basic text editing with Perch